BICSI 002-2014

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Data Center Design and Implementation Best Practices



Considered the foundation standard for data center design around the world, ANSI/BICSI 002-2014 continues its mission to provide requirements, guidelines and best practices applicable to any data center.

Now featuring 500 pages of content, the 2014 edition of BICSI 002 focused on adding or expanding information on:

  • The BICSI Availability Class Structure for all major aspects of data centers
  • Modular and “container” data centers
  • DCIM and building systems
  • DC power
  • Hot and cold aisles
  • Multi-data center architecture and data center service outsourcing
  • Energy Efficiency

While a focus was made on these and other recent developments, the international team of over 50 experts from all disciplines within data centers also reviewed the existing content to reflect changes and developments in the major data center markets.

Given the comprehensive nature of BICSI 002-2014, whether you are a data center:

  • owners or operator
  • telecommunications and information technology (IT) professional
  • facilities or physical security manager
  • construction or A&E and firmor involved in a facet the planning , design, construction or implementation of a data center not listed above